Ink Jet Cartridges

Cartridge Man remanufactures cartridges at our production facility in Norfolk, Virginia. This allows us to re-use the most expensive part of a cartridge, the cartridge itself. Our extensive, detailed production process assures a top quality product. All incoming cartridges are inspected, cleaned, flushed and filled under a vacuum with inks unique and specific to that cartridge. After processing, all cartridges are weighed to insure they are full and tested using printers, just like yours. Because we remanufacture, we are able to charge much less than the big box stores. So, you are purchasing locally produced, high quality products at a much lower price. Every cartridge you buy from Cartridge Man comes backed by our Quality Commitment. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction every time!

**Over 500 million cartridges are discarded every year, only 1 in 500 cartridges are recycled in the US. Let us recycle them so they can be used again