As part of our ongoing commitment to improving the environment by using less energy and creating less waste, Cartridge Man offers a solution to the problem of high cost printer cartridges and excessive waste being tossed into  the landfills.

Recycling is great, but remanufacturing is better! Remanufacturing uses less energy than recycling. For example, when a plastic bottle is recycled, it is shipped to a recycling plant, where energy and chemicals are used in the transportation and the recycling process to turn it back in to raw materials. Then more energy is used to make it a new product.

The plastic in a small ink cartridge can take up to 1,000 years to break down in a landfill. That same little cartridge requires about 2 quarts of oil to manufacture originally. Remanufacturing reduces carbon emissions while conserving resources and reducing waste. It only makes sense to remanufacture the ink cartridge by cleaning and refilling it as many times as possible. If, during our remanufacturing process we deem the cartridge is damaged or unusable, Cartridge Man will recycle it.

In addition to the environmental benefits, remanufacturing offers a cost savings to you, our valued customer, of 20-50%. As our customer, you will benefit by purchasing a high quality, locally produced product at a much lower cost from our knowledgeable staff. Together we can make smart environmental choices and make a difference.

**Keep your eyes out for other environmental facts throughout our website.